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Re: Have i got ms?
Aug 8, 2010
jayhawk - you have enough symptoms that [U]could[/U] be symptoms of MS to warrant further testing. I don't think calling all of those things anxiety is a viable answer. Push for more testing besides bloodwork - mine came back negative twice and yet, here I am a victim of MS. If your current doctor is unwilling to do it, find another one. The sooner you get an answer, the sooner you can start fighting whatever might be causing these symptoms, and I highly doubt it is anxiety!

For almost 2 years I was told I needed to be on Paxil, basically telling me it was in my head. I refused because I knew deep down that was not the problem. Eventually I accumulated enough symptoms that the dr's did more tests and sure enough, I do have MS. Maybe you don't - which would be great news - but something must be causing all of those symptoms. With the twitching perhaps it is as easy as a B12 deficiency??

I let my doctors control my dx and it took me 2 years to get there. In the end, I now have no function of my vestibular system (the inner ear function which controls all of your balance leaving me unable to drive at night for the rest of my life) as well as no peripheral vision in my right eye along with the other day to day annoyances of the disease. So I'm simply saying, push push PUSH your dr to help you find the answers, insist it isn't anxiety and find out the cause of your problems before you suffer long term damage.

Good luck to you!!!! :wave:

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