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I will spare everyone the LONG story :) I started showing some MS symptoms after the birth of my 6th child back in Feb 09. My speech was slurry, cognition was slow, grip strength was off, dropping things etc...I started getting paraesthesias in my feet and hands and part of my face. EMG was negative.

Brain MRI was negative for lesions as was the c-spine, t-spine and L-spine. Now in my c-spine I have many small herniated discs and arthritis. In my T-spine I have a herniated disc and possible syrinx. There was also an area of "hypertensity" in the upper T-spine. I had follow up MRIs and the other Radiologists never bothered to mention the area of hypertensity.

I was given a "possible MS" diagnosis back in January of this year even with the absence of lesions.

Currently, my right arm from shoulder down is tingling, pins and needles and my index finger is numb. This is the first time I have experienced numbness to this degree. I have also noticed my right foot - let me see how to explain - catches, say on the carpet like it doesn't come all the way up when I am walking? It'll hit the floor instead of lift like it's supposed to.

My neuro sent me back for another c-spine MRI. There is a very minimal nerve compression at C6, but I was told by the good folks over at the spinal board that this would affect my right side, it would affect my left.

So now I am wondering about the MS situation again? I literally cannot feel my index finger. I can't open things with my right hand either, things as easy as my lotion bottle cap. :(

Any thoughts??? I thank you for reading this.

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