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Hello brownowl,

Is it MS? I don't know.

Vitamin deficiencies can cause some (all?) of the symptoms you are having. It is important to get your levels to a normal range. MS as well as other disease/conditions (microvascular ischemic disease) can cause your symptoms as well as Foci (lesions) on the MRI

Working with a new Neurologist is a good idea and what a wonderful GP you have for recommending it. It would be a good idea for a neuro to do a MRI of the Cervical Spine as lesions can also show up there and there are fewer causes for C-Spine than Brain lesions. C-spine lesions are known for mobility problems.

It sounds like your eye problem was probably Optic Neuritis and yes, that COULD be a sign of MS. However, some cases of Optic Neuritis never turn out to be MS.

Libido -- An increase is not necessarily a bad thing, it's also not a MS thing. I would talk to your GYN if you are concerned or just wanting a reason for the increase. I have several female friends who have experienced this and they do not have MS. Many women experience an increase as we get older.

I hope your experience with the new neuro is better than the previous one and that you get some answers to your questions quickly.

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