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5 years ago i woke up one morning with a tingling sensation in my left leg, over the following few days it spread to my left arm. My GP referred me to a Neuro who said it could be MS. I have 2 brain MRI scans w/o contrast which were normal. they said it was not MS and sent me on my way. The symptoms subsided over the next couple of months and then disappeared. The only think i was left with was motion sickness which i had not had before and the occasional dizzy spell. but as i suffer with sinus allergies i just though this was the cause.

5 years later and i wake up one morning with the same symptoms. only this time i have a slight tremor in my left hand. i realise the tremor started a few days before the tingling sensation. it is a little transient and sometimes feels like tingling/itching/burning or buzzing. but overall my sensation on the whole of my left side does not feel quite right.

I work in a hospital and so went to A&E at the end of last week and now have to do to see a neuro tomorrow my notes say possible MS.

The only think i have changed recently are my daily vitamins. For the last 41/2 years i have taken centrum performance daily and for the last two weeks i have been unable to buy them. i did not realise until today that they contain 1800% RDA of vitamin b12.

I suppose my biggest question is has anyone ever experienced similar symptoms with MS - i.e. have they come back in exactly the same place as before?

Sorry for a long a little worried and confused.


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