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Please help me..
Nov 7, 2010

I am new to this site so please be patient with me. The first thing that happened to me was in mid August when my left arm completely stiffened up and began to shake uncontrollably. About 20 minutes later, both legs (predominiately the right) stiffened and shook uncontrollably to a point where I could not walk without assistance and even then it was hard because my legs felt heavy. Since that episode which lasted for about 4 days, I have had similar attacks that didn't last as long, however, have noticed that after an episode my calf muscles seem to enlarge and knot up.I have been having pins in needles in hands, feet, face etc..for quite some time as well as extreme fatigue. Prior to this incident, I had fallen 3 times for no apparent reason. I try to go for walks but after about 10 minutes, I start to limp and my legs get extremely itchy. My hands seem to be getting weaker and have started experiencing pain in my ankles and upper part of foot which seems to be worse first thing in the morning. I also experience pain in the calf muslces of my legs. I have twitching that comes and goes in the lower eyelid of my left eye and at times it feels like my tongue is being pulled :(

I take B12 needles on a monthly basis (have been for 4 years) however, my folic acid and Vitamin D has also taken a nose dive.

I have seen a Neurologist and had a MRI done, however, the MRI came back negative. I got the results from my family Dr and am waiting for a follow up appt with my Neurologist. In his letter to my family Dr., he stated that he wanted to rule out MS and merely stated that there was some sort of functional disorder going on..I am confused and worried. Been off work since Mid August.

The Dr. that seen me in Emergency with my first attack questioned MS or ALS?

Please help me or tell me what I should be requesting next..

Thank you

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