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Hi, I feel the same way about getting used to MS and is it a relapse or just the day to day of the disease. I was diagnosed early this year and have been on copaxone since May. I notice I wake up with numbness now and then but I can shake it off and it subsides (is that MS). I never recall that happening. One morning I woke up and my hand was bent and actually "stuck"--was that MS? My husband, still not convinced it is MS, felt I just slept on it wrong. I am achy all the time, manageable but achy. If I didn't know better, I would say it's just being age 44 and arthritis starting. Last few days my upper eye lid is twitching. Weird but could be anxiety.....
JodiH - I recall getting a "twitching" in my left eye every once in a while. Didn't last long and never thought much of it until you mentioned it. The neuro thinks I have had this since 1993 - so have done quite well for 17 years without treatment and only the one bad episode that led to the diagnosis. Now, in hind sight, I think I might have had a lot of "little" symptoms that I attributed to other things and they just went away (maybe MS - who knows?)

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