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Is this MS?
Dec 16, 2010
I've suspected I might have MS for a long time now. I've never mentioned this to my doctor because I already feel like a hypochondriac. I've been to see him before about fatigue and nerve pain, on numerous occasions. He's sent me for blood tests a fair few times, and they always come back negative, and because of this he seems to think I'm a worrier and stressed.

It all started (at least, this was the time when I thought it was definitely something wrong with my nerves) with strange and really painful sensations which I can only describe as 'electric shock sensations' that ran through my arms. I also had this pain in my feet, that started at the ankles and went right through into the soles of my feet. I would get pins and needles in my hands and my feet and weird numbness sensations in parts of my body when I shouldn't have been. That is, I wasn't sitting in a position that would have entrapped a nerve.

Some days I will get debilitating fatigue. I can hardly walk and I talk with a slur. My left leg especially, will feel like it's about to drag. My brain is willing my left leg to move, but often there seems to be a one second delay and I just know that one day I'm going to trip over my own foot. I get the shakes, get headaches and feel like I'm coming down with a fever that never actually becomes a fever. My head buzzes when I turn it in a certain position (when I turn my head towards the ground and left) and I often suffer with vertigo.

The nerve pain is always present. I'll either have tingling, electric shock sensations, numbness, pins and needles, and I'm always tired. But there are times when it just flares up and everything becomes a chore. My most recent 'episode' is occuring right now. At work, I had a headache, had vertigo, was so tired I was slurring, my hands and the top of my lip had gone numb, I was getting that feeling that my left leg wasn't responding to my brain and there was a one second delay and I could hardly climb the stairs. It felt like my legs were made or solid iron. Might I add that I'm in the premenstrual stage right now? I'm due on my period in about four days. I do get the 'episodes' a lot before a period, but sometimes they occur when I'm nowhere near a period.

I've writting something similar to this, years ago and here I am again. I'm at my wits end. I can't keep feeling like this. Something has to be done. Should I just bite the bullet and tell my doctor that I think I have MS?

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