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I need help.I'm 27 and In Feb 2010 I gave birth to my first child. In May I quit breastfeeding and within a few days I started having troubling symptoms. First my hands feel asleep at night and then durning the day felt like they were vibrating/asleep. This lasted a couple weeks and then subsided but from time to time reoccurs. I've seen two general MDs and both said Carpal Tunnel, I had an test done to confirm. In July I started experiencing muscle twitching all over my body, and strange sensory feelings, sometimes pin needles in my hands feet, shoulder falling asleep, night sweats, intolerance to heat, major irratability (feeling itchy like skin crawling) and ocular symptoms (dry eye, eye gooing up). My GP put me on 2 weeks of prednisone for the carpal tunnel (DONT EVER TAKE IT IT WAS HORRIBLE). Then the most troubling of symptoms suddenly showed up in September, I woke up one day and my whole body felt like it was trembling/vibrating/shaking from the inside. Its very difficult to describe but it basically feels like someone turned a vibrator on inside my body. Its worse at night and in the morning and after I drink alcohol or eat. So I went to 2 neurologists... I was convinced I have MS after googling (google is so bad) I was severely depressed. I had an MRI and EEG and twice had blood work done, total metabolic TSH and all came back normal. Both neurologists said I have Carpal Tunnel and anxiety and I need to see a psychiatrist. These symptoms are not anxiety driven, I wish they were. I have been to Reiki, massage therapy etc. and in times of very relaxed state and still have these symptoms. However, I do have an appt with a psychiatrist just to rule that out and I see a therapist for the depression. My sister has Hashimotos hypothyroidism and is on Synthroid. Her thyroid issue showed up after having children but she never had the feeling of vibration or did she get carpal tunnel. Could these symptons all be from a thyroid imbalance not showing up in bloodwork?? OR do they sound more neurological?? Please help me, I feel like noone will listen to me, 4 doctors and all think Im crazy... Somedays I feel so horrible I just wish it would end! Should I make another appt with my GP and push there is something wrong with me or look for another neurologist?

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