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Dec 27, 2010
Hey guys, I hate to bombard you with yet another "Do I have MS?" thread, but I wanted to hear your opinions.

I've been afraid of MS since I was 19 (I'm 24 now), and have always been a bit of a hypochondriac with some pretty serious anxiety problems. MS has always been the one thing that I worry incessantly about.

Over the years, I've had little symptoms: random twitching everywhere, tinnitus since I was little, sometimes strange sensations such as something warm being placed on my foot, little buzzing feelings on my tongue, or wherever. I've worried about these, but they've always seemed pretty minor so I try not to work myself up over them.

However, this past year, three things happened that seem more significant and made me worry a little more than normal. The first: One day in February, I was sitting down and sewing, and then when I got up, my right thigh was numb. It was about 5 PM. I thought it'd go away quickly after standing and not being in that weird position that I was in, but it did not go away that night. I woke up the next morning, and my thigh was completely fine. I read about the sensory problems of MS lasting days, weeks or months, and am wondering - do you guys think this thigh numbness could be a neurological thing, or more likely just a result of sitting in an awkward, uncomfortable position for a little longer than necessary?

The second thing that was alarming was that my right eye developed a "fuzziness" around bright lights. This happened probably around March. Things were not blurry, and I had no eye pain, and I even did the swinging flashlight test on my eyes, and the pupils seemed to dilate normally. I wanted to go see an eye doctor but did not have the funds, so I just never went. The halo/fuzzlike thing is still there, never really went away.

Now, recently, I've developed some shakiness/trembling in my arms and hands. I'm sure stress/anxiety exacerbates it, but it seems to be there more often than not, especially when I wake up, so I do not think it is solitarily due to anxiety. Also, when I hold my thumbs in a certain position, they twitch and shake around. I was playing a little guitar tonight, and upon forming a chord, I noticed my thumb shaking quite a bit - more than what I think is normal.

So, I'm wondering: does that numbness I had that lasted about 8 hours seem like an early MS symptom? And with optic neuritis, is it possible to be very mild, with no pain and a normal pupil (I'm not a doctor, and I could very well have messed up the swinging light test.)? And shakiness/trembling... I read that that seems to happen more later on in the illness, but could it be an early sign? I suppose I'm not too worried about having MS NOW, but I am worried that I am experiencing some early signs, and that it's possible that I will find myself with the disease in a few years.

So, what do you guys think? Thanks a ton, and from reading other posts, I really admire the attitudes you guys have. I bet it certainly makes things easier.

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