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Advice appreciated!
Dec 27, 2010
Hello... I've been lurking on the board for the past 6 months, and really appreciate the insights of the board members. I've been experiencing neurological symptoms since Christmas Eve 2009, and symptoms began to increase this past spring. I'll try to be brief as I lead into my 3 questions.

In short, new symptoms this past year: fasiculations/spasms/ vibrations in hands, feet, & torso; burning/sharp/match stick pain in hands & feet (occ. eye); numbness in random parts of body; sensation of tightenting band on left forearm (twice); and I lose my voice when I start to "call" out to my kids, etc., like swallowing a vowel or syllable. I do *not* have any muscle weakness, nor dizziness or gait problems. Older, possibly related symptom: inability to tolerate heat/sweat when running (13 years now) to the point of nausea, itchy legs which yield raised welts when touched. I've given up running due to this problem.

Tests Results:
Negative evoked visual potential (hooray!);
Vitamin D deficiency (taking 4,000 ius daily);
Clear neck MRI;
Brain MRI with 2 lesions "consistent with MS" per radiologist, and neurologist thinks is normal for a woman in her 40s.
Negative Lyme
Negative Lupus

I was on board with my new neurologist most of the way through the one meeting we had, until she said that she gets "twitches" too, in her face, when she's stressed. What I'm experiencing is not even close to an eye twitch, not to mention the pain. She wants to wait a year and re-do the MRI; or she'll do the lumbar puncture if I request. So, I waited 6 weeks and just called to order the LP because the burning pains (daily, but do not usually interfere with life) are disconcerting to me... and the Vitamin D supplements are not making a difference (surprise?).

1) So, was it a good idea to the LP?

2) If it is negative, can I trust that MS is not the source of my "percolating" like an old fashioned coffee pot, and the match-stick pain?

3) Finally, should I get a 2nd opinion outside of the healthcare system with an MS specialty group to review things? My neurologist basically said she has no idea why I'm having pain, and just noted the spasms in her write up which was very frustrating to see.

Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer! -Napafolie

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