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Hi All...I am experiencing bouts of attacks in my head which starts off as pressure feeling in the head followed by weakness on my right hand and leg. This happens on a regular basis. I also feel numbness in my right hand and legs very occasionally while in bed. This goes off immediately by stretching. I have occasional twitching just below my right eye. Not lasting long. Also I have a very strange feeling of a "crik crik" sound which I can hear at the back of my neck only when I am climbing stairs. As a child I have fallen more than any normal kid banging my head, but no blood inside out, got only bruised. I have experienced the pressure feeling on and off as far as I can remember. In 1997 I had been prescribed Tegretol and one another medicine which I can't remember (steroid?) which after taking for about six months, I was totally devoid of any symptoms until Sep 2008. MRI and EEG are normal. The neurologist after hearing me said could be demylenation and prescribed Aspirin 80Mg for rest of my life. I have seen 4 neurologists afterwards who after seeing the report and physical examination always says nothing to worry. But I am very worried. Please write your opinion. Thanks & best regards.

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