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My husband's neurologist would not confirm the MS he was suspicious of from brain lesions because the spinal tap was negative. Dr recomended another MRI to confirm, but in that MRI the lesions were gone as viewed by the radiologist and the neuro. Neuro says that is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE & ordered a repeat of the MRI w & w/o contrast (same as last one) with 3 mm slices instead of 5mm. Have not been able to follow up with neuro yet, but very worried about what the new MRI showed, until I saw a discussion posted on this website from 2008. In that discussion someone said it was possible for lesions to 'disappear' on MRI as they become 'black holes'. I was relieved to read that, but very concerned because my husband's symptoms have not gotten any better. I think there should be some change if the lesions are not active, right?

Just a little history: My husband began symptoms 9 years ago and has gone through countless diagnosis from fibromyalgia, depression, ALS and Lyme all being ruled out by one doc or another. We have visited rheumatologists, GP, fibro specialist, allergy specialist, several neurologists all with no absolute diagnosis or treatment. He's tried a grocery bag full of supplements, pain meds that don't take away the pain, IV steroids & IV supplements all to no avail. I think we are both coming to the end of our ropes.

Thank you for any advise you can give,
Devoted wife of 18 years
I too am going through exactly what 18wife's husband is going through. After 2 visits to 2 different neurologists in 2 different states, I have no diagnosis of MS or for that matter, anything else. My latest visit to a neurologist this past week after looking over my MRI's CT's and EP tests and a negative LP last November 2010 says he can't give me any diagnosis because then "they" may only target that particular disease and not look at others. diagnosis. In October of last year I was having horrible gait problems along with heaviness in my hands and burning in my limbs. I was tired all the time and very "dizzy". (Severe vertigo symptoms). My GP doctor ordered a CT of the brain. One lesion. Ok. He ordered an MRI, it found 3 lesions in total. Ok. Now they say they are gone. In the mean while I fell into another relapse or flare-up. My legs gave out completely and I kept falling. Memory loss was happening again, the vertigo, the chronic pain in my back and legs.
I went to our Er and the doc on call did another CT and said he saw 1 "new" lesion. Now we are at 4...right? I am slowly coming out of this flare-up now and it's been 7 weeks. I still use my cane and the pain is calmed by the Valium they gave me in ER for the muscle spasms in my legs I have at rest. They say the lesions are not there now. What should I do now?

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