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It has been a long several years of one symptom after another. For a long time. I just thought I was having several seperate issues, but now I wonder if they are all part of one disease or disorder. When I do a search of my symptoms, many things come up. One of them is MS. I thought I would post all of my issues over the past year or two and see what you guys think. I know you are not Dr's and this is just a message board, but its always nice to get insight from people going through the same things. And I am also seeing a Dr. currently and waiting on all of my labs to come back.

1. Chronic lightheaded feeling. This comes or goes.. Can last hours or days. Feel unsteady and just kinda weird. Never fainted but almost felt like it a few times. Also can get "heavy eyes" where I just feel like Im really tired and can't always focus. Brain fog feeling.. This symptom makes it hard to work, drive etc. So frustrating. Oh yeah, almost feel like a get a "shock" every now and then. Like a seizure like feeling or electrical feeling strange

2. Headaches in the same exact spot. Will have them for 2 or 3 days then not again for maybe a month or more. When I get them, they come on really quick. I usually have to take OTC meds within 15 mins and lay down with an ice pack for a short time. This usually helps.

3. Hair loss/Hair thinning/Hair breakage. (Yeah, this is not helpful for a single 39 year old woman)

4. Trouble swallowing/tightness in throat (diagnosed with esophageal dysmotility with no known cause)

5. Numbness in hands only at night when sleeping. Sometimes wakes me up

6. Weird "twitch" near my lip. Happens randomly. The muscle under my lip will kinda spasm and pull my bottom lip to the side for 15-20 seconds at a time. Maybe several times a day then nothing for a week... so weird

7. Fatigue/no energy

8. Dry, itchy skin

Gosh, there is probably more but I cant think of them all now. This is what I do know I have. I know I have a gallstone and last time I had bloodwork I had low ferritin and high DHEA (was not treated)

Just went to my PCP with all of these symptoms and he did alot of bloodwork. He ordered CBC, Metabolic Panel, ANA, Sed rate, B12, Ferritin,
a1c, and another one or two. Waiting on the results. Any clues as to what might be going on with me ?

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