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Sophie, it absolutely can be your nerve acting up! TMJ also has many of the same symptoms, thats the tempomandibular joint, and it can be dx by a dentist, specifically an Oral Surgeon...

Anxiety can also play a part in clenching our teeth and even grinding them; which can give you the same symtoms. I often get stressed out at night and without realizing it, start clenching and grinding! I had no idea I was doing this, nor did my husband, but the pain drove me to the dentist where it was dx via Xrays and apparently, the dentist could see where I was wearing down my teeth! He gave me a nightguard to use, which believe it or not, actually took away the pain completely!

Another thing I have experienced, was when I was using Xanax more often- It seemed to give me jaw and tooth pain...again, was it connected to my higher stress levels at the time or was it coincidence? I dont know...but I no longer take Xanax regularly, only now and then, I use the night guard about 2 or 3 nights a week, and the pain is gone...

You might want to have your dentist check you out as well, this could very possibly not be MS related but stress related.

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