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3 Weeks ago I began having and on and off twitch on the side of my nose like an irritated nerve. I just dealt with it, but a couple days ago I realized how it hadnt let up in 3 weeks and became extremely concerned. Now at times it is on both side of my nose and Im also feeling spasms above my left knee on my thigh and on the back of my neck and on my left bicep. Im not sure if these twitches are due to the anxiety Iam giving myself or if my symptoms are getting worse. Ive searched high and low on the internet to see if I should be concerned and so ive come here in hopes someone can give me the information I need. I'm really stressed out thinking I may have symptoms of MS here. Any advice?
Blood work back and is A-OK , Neurologist appointment in 3 weeks. The twitching now happens on both sides of the nose when I squinch my eyes......freakin out!
3 weeks is not a long way out, hang in there. Have you tried ice packs/cold compresses at the origin of the twitching? :angel:
Trying the cold compresses tonight, If I could just calm down I think stress is making it all worse.
You are absolutely correct. Stress can cause many problems. If at all possible, you have to take yourself out of the stress. Sometimes this can mean a career change. Often times we just need a "relief valve" to lower our stress level. If it is simply stress, a daily gym workout could help. :angel:
You're a great help an I appreciate your replies, I suffer from Anxiety and Panic attacks for YEARS now. This 24/7 twitching has taken the Anxiety to a whole new level because honestly I've never experienced something that didnt go away after a couple weeks. I've focused so much attention on this that I'm getting no rest and I'm sure only making it that much worse.
Your accumulated anxiety needs to be resolved with a doctor's care. Anxiety can present with MS like symptoms and this can muddy the waters for you. A neurologist would need to treat your anxiety first and then examine any remaining symptoms. A doctor can also assist you in identifying anxiety triggers.

I have found that if you count your daily blessings, pretty soon you will find that God is in control and your worries are something that are needless to carry. If you have a hobby or some other constructive outside interest (music, art, gardening, carpentry, etc), you might be able to redirect your anxiety and allow yourself some room to grow. Some patients with severe anxiety are finding help with the addition of a PSD- Psychiatric Service Dog. There is something to having an unconditional loving partner who is always by your side. Many PSDs can sense anxiety or stress and help you take the focus off the stress. This is something that you will have to be proactive daily to erase the long period of anxiety you have been carrying. Local support groups might help you too.

If the twitching is anxiety related, the cold compresses might have a placebo effect, but because there is no neurological impairment, your anxiety needs treated, :angel:

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