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Ive actually never heard of an ER doctor telling a patient, I think you have MS based on blood tests a CT scan and a physical. Are you certain you heard him right, or that you arent over-reacting due to fear/ anxiety?

Tingling in the body can be caused by over 200 things, from a pinched nerve to Lyme disease. Not too many people with MS have tingling the way you describe. MS tingling is more like a burning painful tingle, which never goes away, or is triggered by anxiety, heat or cold. It is caused by a nerve damage in the brain or spine- its not actually that the area which is tingling is damaged. (for instance, my tingling hand is caused by a lesion (preveious attack) on my brain!! There are quite a few tests, things like EMGs, nerve tests which can test the nerves where you "tingle" and help find answers. Also, the MRI is the smartest place to start because it will show if there is something else which needs to be explored.

I sincerely doubt you are having a stroke, as Jayhawk pointed out they would have seen signs of that in the ER. And you would not have been released if any of those signs presented.

When you lost vision in your eye "for a few seconds" what did you do about it? Did you see an opthamologist? You probably should, as that is a sign of potential problems but again not exactly a sign of MS. We MSers are prone to eye problems specifically with the optic nerve, but losing sight for a few seconds is simply not one of the problems. With MS, optical Neuritis is a (usually painful) inflammation of the optic nerve, where blurriness, loss of color and also loss of peripheral vision usually occur. I dont think Ive ever heard anyone say they lost vision for a few seconds or even for a few minutes. ON can take months to clear up; but its not a complete vision loss for only that very brief of a time.

Sounds like you have some extreme anxiety going on, which is founded. Anytime, you have symtoms like you describe, its terrifying; however Im not hearing anything that leads me to think MS based on what you described. There is a problem though, so you should follow up with a neurologist and have that MRI.
Best of luck to you..
let us know if there is anything else we can help you with!

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