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:wave: Welcome. Do you have MS? There are meds available for muscle spasms. I know that botox can work, but I think that you should discuss any treatment in depth with your doctor. Botox, wrongly used, can cause problems. That said, the last I read, the FDA has not yet approved Botox for MS related treatment. :angel:
Thanks for your reply! Yes, I have MS and have tried Zanaflex, Baclofen, and even Clonazepam. All they seem to do is make me more tired than I am already. It was my neurologist who suggested the possibility of Botox. He also talked about the use of an implanted Baclofen pump which I don't really like the sound of. He did say that the Botox injections only last a few months which is certainly a down side. So, I wondered if anyone had any success with the injections before I ask my Dr. to try and get them approved by Medicare...

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