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Worried I have MS
Apr 12, 2011
Hi All,

I'm wondering if someone can provide me with some insight. I'm from the UK and have been experiencing some strange symptoms.

It started in October 2010 after travelling back to the UK from Canada (place called Guelph). After a bout of flu, in the centre of my back, I developed an area of pain. From that point of pain, a thin strip of skin became hypersensitive to touch such that even if the shirt on my back brushed against it, it was extremely painful. My doctor suspected shingles but I didn't have a rash. The Amitryptiline I was prescribed didn't really help with the pain but in time (by the end of November 2010), the pain eased off until I was experiencing just mild sensations in my back (I don't know how to describe them!) but even those eventually went away.

I travelled to India in December where I came down with a very heavy cold and upon returning to the UK, I then went down with flu in mid-December. I was extremely fatigued, developed a nasty cough, had really bad chills and suffered terrible points of pains over my body but mainly in my legs - like I was being stabbed with pins and needles. The flu took much longer to clear up than normal for me. I continued to suffer unusual chills and a flu type feeling well into mid-January 2011.

Around mid-January, I started to redevelop the issues with my back, mainly mild tingling in certain areas, usually first thing in the morning. These were annoying but I found that with exercise (e.g., walking to work, going to the gym), the sensations would subside and stop completely. They would also stop if I was leaning back in a chair for example.

I suffered these back sensations on and off throughout January and into February but things have now become more scary.

Around mid-Feb, I developed more symptoms:

Tingling in certain areas of my hands and feet, predominantly my right side but also to some degree on my left side.
Tingling in my forehead, and down the sides of my face and around my eyes. This was bad and continues to be so.
The feeling that from half way down my right calf muscle to my foot was falling asleep or waking up from being asleep
Muscle twitching in both my calves, like they are bubbling and popping!
Cold patches in my thighs

At this point in the time line, the paresthesia was worse when I was at rest but usually subsided (or I didn't feel it) when I moved about, e.g. walking. The face tingling was really bad and constant but again, I wouldn't feel this for example, if the wind blew in my face or I touched my face in the areas that the tingling is felt.

I made an appointment with a neurologist who carried out an MRI (head and c-spine without contrast) and this came back normal as did all my blood work (this was 23rd February 2011). He stated that it was very unlikely to be MS but wanted to do nerve conduction tests next as clearly something was going on.

It's now mid-April 2011 and the paresthesia has been steadily getting worse. More of my right hand is affected by tingling and the same can be said of my right foot. The types of paresthesia that I am experiencing is also increasing. In addition to all the above, I now have:

As well as tingling, my forehead and the side areas of my face feel as though I have walked into cobwebs and/or there are fine threads running across them.
I also get this cobweb sensation on my right arm
A crawling sensation around the forehead and sides of my face.
I sometimes get a 'burst' feeling in the forehead area and down the sides of my face - like a little firework going off on the skin
I'm experiencing a lot of itching
I feel as though a drop of water is running down my legs (usually only in the morning though).
My right arm feels as though it is going to fall asleep

I experience this everyday and it's always the same areas of the body with new ones slowly being affected as I have tried to describe. It does not affect me at night at the moment.

To summarise, I'm at my wits end as things seem to be getting progressively worse and I don't know where I'll end up! I also appreciate that my symptoms are strange in that they don't bother me at night and, do subside if I move around or experience a genuine sensation in the area of my body that is experiencing the paresthesia, although this is starting to happen less now.

I'm not sure what I have - could it be MS? Could it be Lyme? - it all started when I came back from Canada and there is some disease out there. I suffered a lot of colds and flu's back to back - could I have severe inflammation of my nerves due to repeated viral infections?

I've read a lot on the forums here and other sites and have scared myself so is it anxiety now that is fuelling and amplifying the original symptoms? For example, a clear MRI doesn't really mean a lot as lesions don't often show up for sometime.

I'm sorry for the long post but I would really value an opinion as to what might be going on with me.


PS - I've yet to have the nerve conduction tests as private health care in the UK is expensive. My referral to a neurologist through the state system will not be for at least 2 months!!!

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