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Hi Raj, believe it or not I saw your post the other night, and your symptoms sounded a lot like mine. It prompted me to join this forum, and I actually sent you a message, but I think it somehow went astray - I think I clicked on quick reply or something by mistake.
I really appreciate you taking the time to contact me - it sounds like we're both in the same not knowing what's going on situation.
I live in the north of England, and as I have a young family it may be difficult to go to London for an appointment, but I'm certainly not ruling anything out - I think I'd go to the moon if I could find an answer.
I read about you having the cobweb feeling on your face - I used to get that a lot, but at the moment my strange sensations are mainly my left side - hand, arm and leg - although my right side is effected at times. I don't know about you, but I have an almost permanent tremor in my left hand apart from the pins and needles. I also have an odd sensation that I can only describe as a fizzing, buzzing or vibration running through my body.
I also sometimes feel that someone has their hands on my shoulders and pressing down hard, making my body feel so heavy and tired. I don't know if any of this makes sense to you - I can't make sense of it all myself.
I really hope your second opinion brings to light what is going on with you. Please let me know how you get on, and if you ever need to let off steam or talk to someone who knows how you're feeling . Jan.

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