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I spent the last couple of days with constant body jerks (myclonus?) I am waiting for an MRI and neurologist's appointment (which could take months). But what do I tell my boss when she sees my symptoms? Tell her I am waiting for a neurological diagnosis? that I might have MS? It feels so awkward to talk about. But if this body jerking keeps up, I have to tell them something. (My body has been jerking at least once every minute).

My symptoms are:
2004 - eyelid dropped (as it paralyzed) for about 5seconds. A couple months later had tingling in my arms and face. Doctor said I had asthma (doubted that). But symptoms went away. I had on and off tingling over the years since then

Jan 2010
My left eye went blurry. Family Doc thought might be retina detachment. My optometrist did a full eye check up and said my vison had simply worsened slightly. She changed my prescription and I went back 3 weeks later with the same results. When I finally went to get glasses about 4mths later the glasses were totally blurry. Went back to optometrist who said my vision had returned to my previous prescription. She didn't think this was odd. A couple months ago I felt like my eye went blurry again. It's very subtle.

Over the past 2 weeks I have been to the emergency dept twice. I do not have a cardiac problem. I am not having a stroke, embollism and do not have a tumor. I have the following symptoms:

Muscle twitch in chest
Tight chest (at times)
A couple times I have had laboured walking (felt like I was walking like Frankenstein)
sometimes it feels like my ankle is twisted (but it only lasts a short time)
At the doctor's office I couldnt' walk a straight line (I have practiced since and am doing a good job at it)
Sometimes it feels like I am walking on my skeleton (I've felt this before)
Body twitching (right now it's happening all the time)
Numbness in patches of my body (leg, elbow, face, lips, tongue) that come and go almost every half hour.
Just the sides of my tongue were numb (sort of tasted sour)
Patch of my leg that felt like it was wet
Exteme fatigue (on and off over the last couple of months)
Almost all of my symptoms last a short time too (maybe 30 min and then it's something different)

My doctor is concerned it might be MS. I can't imagine what else it might be (the internet is a helpful but dangerous tool).

But now, my question is... what do I tell work? I work for a health safety organization so I know they will be supportive. They have an excellent program on workplace accomodations. But I don;t have a diagonisis. Should I just say I might have a neurological disorder? I have to tell them someething because they will obviously ask when they see my symptoms. It's awkward having this body twitching but I'm not going to allow it to stop me from working.

Also another question. What is the test for optical neuritis? Perhaps last year"s vision issue was not related. Is there a specific test for this? Or would the full eye exam have determined if that was the problem?

Thanks for anyone's response. I really thank god for the Internet. I feel like I'm going crazy with my symptoms coming and going. I have spent HOURS on it trying to figure out what is gonig on with me. It has been so helpful reading posts from others. Do you think it's MS?

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