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Chest pain
May 10, 2011
Hello everyone,
I need some advice, Having more episodes of chest pain as of late. Scares the hell out of me everytime, even though I know its the MS. I can take a xanax and it will eventually go away. I just hate being all blah the rest of the day. Is this a sign that I am relapsing or lacking something in my diet? Stress, fatique? I dont know anybody got any answers?
Re: Chest pain
May 10, 2011
Hello sportwoody,

Do you take a Disease Modifying Drug (Avonex, Copaxone, Betaseron, Ect.) ?

A side effect of the Disease Modifying Drugs is chest pain and should be reported to your doctor ASAP.

There is a symptom called the MS "hug" it can feel like a (rubber) band is tightning around your chest and muscle relaxants, such as Xanax, are used to try and help with that symptom.
Re: Chest pain
May 10, 2011
YES i HAVE BEEN ON BETASERON FOR 4YRS w/o any problems. I think it that MS Hug thing. I Have diazapam that I rarely take and I think I will go back to regular regimen at bedtime. I also have xanax I just hate feeling so drugged up after I take it. guess its better than the chest pain right?! thank you for responding , sometimes I dont think my friends and family get how hard this disease is. You know we all look like we are okay, so they just think im being dramatic.Sometimes i just keep it to myself it is easier.

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