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Re: Probable MS
May 11, 2011
Thanks for your reply. I do have spots on my brain MRI, just not the spinal one. The spots on the brain are non-specific. He said that they are most likely MS lesions, but not in the right spot?

I know the areas are juxtacortical(sp?), around the ventricles, and brainstem? Or something? What does that mean? My areas are frontal lobe, subcortical in the parietal lobe, frontal horns of lateral ventricles, and somewhere else that I can't remember.

Anyways, thanks for your response. I AM dreading the LP, not because I am afraid it will hurt; as I've had an epidural in the past during labor and it wasn't bad, but because I am afraid of the dreaded spinal headache. YIKES!!!

I will let you know how I make out in the next few weeks. I am just glad that this neuro took some sort of a stand as to a diagnosis.

Thanks, Sarah:)

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