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Singlemom, we arent doctors and I cant give you medical advice, but I read your impression and its not screaming MS. But then again, MRis can change month to month....I dont know much about the genetic disease you mentioned, but Illl research it more and see what it is like. If you already know that it mimics MS (so do about 200 other things) then have they ruled out that you too, dont have it?

I know that the not knowing is really hard. The post you just wrote, has so many things going on, from Pulmonary, to Cardio to Neuro- that its no wonder you are so overwhelmed. Without sounding condescending, are any of these doctors talking to you about alittle help with handling all this? Im talking about an anti-anxiety drug like Xanax or Ativan, to take the edge off and help you cope? Do you at least have a support system to talk to about this? If not, start with us! We will listen! But you could really use a health care advocate, someone to talk to about all that you are juggling.....Im assuming you have insurance- sometimes with certain insurances, you can get assigned a case manager, someone who is usually a nurse, who will help you sort thru all the testing, the appointments, etc....maybe you can find some help thru your insurance company? You definately are trying to take all this on and I am not hearing that you have much support or help. Thats a shame.

Ice pick headaches are very painful. I know of someone who experiences them and they cause her to lose quite a bit of her life when they hit; however she doesnt have any of the numbnes or other symtoms you mentioned. Im wondering if they arent more related to something else. 2 weeks isnt that long, even though it feels like it- but please when you get to this appointment, take with you a list of questions and DO NOT leave until you have your answers. Tell the doctor quite bluntly that you HAVE to have answers for peace of mind...if you are asking the right questions, then he should be able to give you definative answers- if he cant, its time to change doctors.
The spinal tap may or may not tell you much. Not all MS patients have a negative Spinal Tap (I didnt) , but Im not clear on the other disorder that your dad had, will the spinal tap help dx that? If so, you should do it for that reason.

Breathe. One day at a cant fix this overnight, it didnt happen over night. But you do have enough control to ask for help and to change doctors if necessary. keep us posted on how you are.


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