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Hi hubmaximo-
Since we are not doctors, please bear in mind that this is a non medical opinion. ok??

You do not have enhancing lesions, which means that nothing on your MRI is causing your symtoms at this time. If you are experincing new symptoms, then its not being caused by lesions.
Non specific white matter, doesnt mean MS. YOu can have white matter from a car accident, a virus, or even migrane headaches; and over 500 diseases mimic MS, so having MS type symtoms, doesnt mean anything in the big picture.

I dont think you have anything to worry about concerning MS based on what you told us, but Im sure there is alittle more to the impression part of what you wrote....and the second MRI? Was that of your Cspine?

Also, the radiologist told you that you didnt meet McDonald Criteria? Based on what? Are you familiar with the McDonald Criteria? Most radiologists are not....why would he tell you that? The only thing I can think of is you need a certain number of lesions in certain areas of the brain/ spine which are particular in size and shape to MS to even be considerd MS, however a radiologist isnt the person who is doing your History and Physical or your Neuro Exam, and shouldnt be telling you whether you meet any criteria. Are you sure you are not confused about this?

Anyway, the good news is from what you told us, there is nothing wrong with your tumors, no infections, nothing to be worried about; however it doesnt explain your symtoms. SO many disease present like MS and MS is diagnosed by ruling out everything else; so at least you are on your way to ruling out a few things..I hope your doctor repeats this in 6 months (the standard amount of time when trying to get a dx) and you get some answers.

hi again, the not knowing is really the hardest part, isnt it.

Hard to say if the "stumbling" is from an earlier attack, it certainly could be; but it can also be from something entirely unrelated. The tests you have coming up might show something and point the Neuro in a new direction. The idea that you do not have anything going on right now, no enhancing lesions at this time- could be that something happened two weeks ago, but by the time you were scanned, it was already too late to see it. Could also be that they didnt scan the correct area to find the lesions. For instance, 5% of MSers have lesions in their Thoracic Spine area, but thats not usually standard in looking for them. Im assuming they did both your brain and Cspine?

Stumbling and the symtoms you describe are not proprietary to MS; there are other things which can cause this type of symtom- even if MS does come to mind when you describe it. Not knowing enough about what led you to a Neurologist in the first place, or your history leaves a few blanks.

Let us know how the next set of tests go;....and what your doctor says? And stay strong! This is difficult to get through, dont let it take you down!

Under the revised criteria there are only 3 outcomes: MS, possible MS, or not MS. The old criteria used Clinical Definite and probable as two terms. I assume that many doctors were uncomfortable in making a stand and/or the "probable" was too vague. Your neuro could explain better.

There is a difficulty in determining lesions consistent with MS. Sometimes a biopsy is possible, but most often an autopsy will reveal the actual case.
Because it is difficult to ascertain from whence the lesion originates, a measure of space is needed to see. The "nine" you mentioned, I believe, are from the last part of the criteria: "Two of the following: a. Positive brain MRI (nine T2 lesions or four or more T2 lesions with positive VEP) b. Positive spinal cord MRI (two focal T2 lesions) c. Positive CSF". Have you had a VEP? (I do not remember).

If you sit down with your neuro and go through each "step", I think you will get the answers you need.

Have I confused you more? :angel:

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