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Introducing myself
Jun 3, 2011
I've actually been reading this message board for a few years. I finally was going to post but had some issues getting registered but at last I'm registered in finally posting. I was diagnosed with MS about 5 years ago, I evidently had it for about 18 years before this diagnosis. To try to make a long story short, I was diagnosed with optic neuritis about 25 years ago, at that time I was visiting my doctor because I couln't see out of my left eye, eventually got referred to a neurologist who made the diagnosis of ON and prescribe prednisone which after about 4 days did give me my vision back. The neurologist didn't schedule any other tests and told me that in 85% of the cases there is no known cause for this so only the symptoms are treated, I didn't think to much more about since after a few days on the prednisone I got my vision back. Then 18 years later I have a strange sensation on the left side of my body and when I took a bath it felt like the left side of the tub had cold water, I then realized that I wasn't able to feel temperature on my left side. I go to my doc who then tells me that ON can be a symptom of MS orders an MRI. While I wait for the results I search MS on the internet and realize that I have had some symptoms (mainly fatigue) of MS. The neurologist tells me that he thinks I have a mild case but orders both the vision test and nerve test (can't think of the names of them but involved electrodes stuck to your head), I get called back there is damage along the optic nerve and he wants me to start betaseron. I was on betaseron for about 4 years but had some major problems getting it ordered (I had to use a medco mail order pharmacy), luckily I tolerated it pretty well major problem was injection site redness. Unfortunately when I starte having problems with my insurance company's handling of the medicaion I became noncompliant with taking it, I got so disgusted at one point that I went off it for month, I tried to get back into a better routine of taking it but just coudn't seem to do it and asked my doctor about discontinuing it as really I haven't had any excarbations but he told me that with what he has seen on the MRI he felt I should stay on some med and thought maybe Rebif would work better, less injections and less injection site reactions so I agreed to try it. I am now on month 2, I can say rebif is far easier to use than betaseron but I still am having skin site reactions, one is really bad, it's been over a week and it is still very red and over the size of a half dollar. The nurse who came to my house to show me how to inject suggested witch hazel which I'm trying it is helping a little but it seems my skin just does not like this medicine, I still have red marks from the betaseron from over 2 months ago! I'm thinking I just have sensitive skin.
A little more about me, overall I seem to have a mild case of MS, I teach step aerobics and have been able to continue without problems and still work full time. My biggest issue is fatigue which I take aderal for (I've tried both amantadine and provigil but they didn't seem to help). I didn't want to make this too long but just wanted to give a relatively quick introduction and say hi. I expect to be posting alot more, thx for reading.

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