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Hi and welcome to the boards. Im sorry you have so many things going on right now. First of all, you said you have two autoimmune diseases, but I dont think you told us what they are. Are you POSITIVE that you DONT and HAVENT had MS? Your symtoms are screaming MS! Of course, they could be screaming something else as well......MS mimics quite a few different diseases and without knowing what you already have been dx with, or why- its hard to rule it out.

Next, a PCP should not be testing you for MS. You really need to see a Neurologist who specializes in MS and other autoimmune diseases. The MRI which was done, wouldnt have made any difference had it been a T3 machine; however might have made a significant difference had contrast been used- AND it should have been done also on your Cspine. Both the brain and Cspine are standard in looking for MS lesions- and its always done with and without contrast....contrast helps show the tiny little lesions which might have been missed otherwise...and just as many people have lesions in the spine as in the brain- so not testing you for that, was an inconclusive test!

The stronger machines are arguably newer and better; however Ive never heard of anyone having the testing done properly on an older machine which didnt show lesions...however, contrast is key, as it scanning the entire central nervous system. They only did a portion of yours.

You really arent crazy. And, your symtoms do sound very neurological in nature- and you really should see a neurologist- but not just ANY neuro, you definately need to see one who specializes in MS....

I sorry you are having these problems. You sound just like me when I was dx...I was 34 at the time, but had the same exact symtoms! I wound up in the ER, being told it was a pinched nerve by my PCP and the CT scan showed abnomalities...thank goodness they called in a Neuro to look at the films, who threw me into a MRI and dx me within hours! The rest was easy after that!

Please advocate for yourself and find a good neuro to examine you. Let us know what you find out.

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