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Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Im very scared and alone. I would love to get your opinions on this. I make it in chronological order.

Late March:
- Pain in ankles on waking ( overlooked, I am overweight)
- Off and on vertigo
- Smell strange odors, others couldn't smell

Early April:
- Weird sensation in both legs
- Tingling, kind of numb like feeling in legs
- Stomach pains
- Weight loss
- Constipation
- Sharp pain in buttock
- Vertigo continues

Mid April:
- Came down with virus
- No appetite
- Severe abdominal pain
- GERD - started taking nexium'/ Zantex (little relief)
- Headaches
- Legs shaking/quivering
- Ultasound (normal severely constipated)
- Diagnosis- severe pain due to constipation. Prescribed meds--felt better for 24 hrs
- Also, very dehydrated.
- twitching in legs and shoulders blades only. (thought it was due to virus)
- Internal tremors upon waking
- Wake up out of breath

End of April:
-Cramping of right calf in morning
- Wake up out of breath
-Twitching of legs, shoulder blades continue
-Legs shaking constantly (especially upon standing)
- Pressure headaches
- Daytime sleepiness
- Chest xray (lungs slightly compressed due to "weight")
- Lung capacity test (okay..doc said due to weight)

Early/mid May:
-Internal tremors continue
-Pressure of head, nose, sinus area
-Twitching continued (no weakness yet however)
-Back pain
- Felt a loss of control of right leg for awile
- Xray showed C3-C5 forminal stenosis
- L5-S1 Degenerative Disc Disease.
- Electrical zaps in head- felt like the left side of head was splitting for the right side.
- Involuntary musle jerking ( right leg)
- Went to Sunnybrook ER for second opinion (according to them No forminal stenosis of cervical spine. Early sign of Disc degeneration in lumbar spine. I'm pretty sure is due to weight.
- Electric shock type shock through right leg. Had to dragged my leg around 1 night. That went away. Happened twice.
- Pulsating type feeling up right leg to knee.

Late May:
-Frequent headaches( from moderate to severe to cluster to complex) you name it, I had it.
-Internal tremors continue
- Feeling like a can't breath.
- Sometimes I can't breath laying on back or side.
- Stiffness in right calf
- CT scan of brain normal
- Twitching now spreads to stomach and back
- numbness of left arm (went away)
-Off balanced
- Fingers in left hand shaking
-Heart palpatations

Early June:
-Muscle aching
-Feeling unable to breathe
-Twitching continues (of course)
- Reoccuing palpable lymph node on back of neck
- Spasms and charlie horses on right leg in the morning
- Small twitching I can't feel seen on right calf
- Tingling of face (mainly on left side)
- Feeling off balanced
- numbness of left arm (went away)
- Dizziness

Mid June to Now:
- EMG said to be normal (have not recieved report)
- Twitching now on almost every part of body (arms, legs, calf, shoulder blades, tongue, face, kneecaps, lips,butt..even up my nose.
- Cramp of hands
- Pain in left hand
- Slighty atrophy in hand (could be in my head though)
- Dizzness. especially when sitting down
- Tingling of scalp and face. (very debiliating and disconcerting)
- Loss of appetite.
- Dirreaha (you really didn't need to know that I'm sorry) probably due to Natural Calm and that awesome time of the month!
- Swollen lymph node right side of neck.
- Fingers in left hand continue to shake.
- Feeling a loss of control in entire left arm
- slight pain in entire left arm.

I'm scared I might have some neurological problems. It started with a virus and progressed from there. I've been on boards for both ALS, MS and Lymes. Most saying i don't have it. I'm 22 years old and I'm scared I might die. I can't live like this anymore. I've been to at least 10 doctors. None of have helped me

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