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I recently had an MRI due to numbness, tingling, weakness in arms and legs, muscle spasms, dizziness, and extreme fatigue.

Results are the following:

No evidence of acute ischemia. No tonsillar ectopia. There are multiple foci of abnormal T2 signal in the periventricular and subcortical white matter, left thalamus, and at the callosal septal interface. There is question of T2 signal intensity foci in the corpus callosum. No evidence of lesions in the brachium pontis or cerebellar hemispheres. Findings are nonspecific. The differential concentrations are small vessel ischemic disease, migraines, and however a demyelinating process cannot be completely excluded. Further evaluation with CSF analysis and evoked potentials would be helpful.

So .....
1. It is it common to have so many lesions on so many parts of the brain?
2. Is it more than likely that I do NOT have MS?
3. What does non specific or differential concentrations mean?
4. How many people who have had similiar MRI findings and went on and had CSF or evoked potentials and were positive for MS?

Since I am really scared about anything to do with spinal taps, etc. I am trying to determine if this should be pursued aggressively or that given this MRI, I can safely assume my chances are small for MS diagnosis.

Thanks soooo much for any help with this.

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