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Hi, I would like to introduce myself. I am 37 and have experienced strange symptoms for the last three years.
It started as aching, stitching pain in my sternum and spred to my back, felt like a knife wiggeling between vertebrae. Then on a very hot day I participated in a cycling race when about halfway I started to feel very tired and my chest felt as if it was constricted, as if a draw string was tightening around it. It felt as is if my heartrate monitor was too tight.

I went to the emergency room three days later and they took out my gall bladder, said there was constant inflammation in my chest cavity.

Thre chest pains came and went. 10 months later it happend again, a very tight band, with burning on my back, electric tingling around my ribcage, again on a very hot day. This time they said it was reflux, it wasnt. They sent me for an MRI 3 weeks later and found a thorasic syrinx and diagnosed syringomyelia.

Three months later they said the syrinx was an incedental finding and does not match the symptoms.

This MS hug (spot on description) keeps on coming back with other symtoms.
Numbness in my arms and hands while sleeping
Spastic muscles in back and neck that flares when I get fisio
Tingling sensation wavelike from my chest to the bottom of my female parts, or running down my leg.
Blurred vision before bedtime
Bladder problems. infection, funny sensation of feeling like I am going to urinate and not urinating..
Stabbind pain in my jaw, definately not my teeth, nerve pain

The MS hug is really the biggest symtom and very painful, feels like a bear hug with electric spasm...

I was wondering if this sounds like Ms? I had a nerve conducter test withc was negative.

Thanks for listening:wave:
Hi rissie,

Your symptoms do sound neurological, is it MS? I don't know. There are numerous causes for neurological symptoms. You might do some research into your diagnosis of syringomyelia or get a second opinon.

In general, enlargement of the syrinx can cause injury to the surrounding spinal cord, compromising nervous system function. This can lead to myelopathic symptoms which can include weakness, sensory symptoms (numbness, tingling, etc.), and bowel and bladder dysfunction. The muscle weakness is generally a spastic paralysis involving areas of the body below the level of the syrinx. A low cervical or thoracic syrinx may therefore lead to symptoms of the legs while a higher cervical syrinx can cause arm symptoms as well.

As for the MS hug: this refers to a banding, tightness or hugging sensation or the feeling of having a rubber band going around you. Some say it feels like someone is sitting on their chest. This symptoms is not exclusive to MS and can happen to anyone who has damage to the spine.

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