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I had an MRI & EEG yesterday, mostly wanting to be tested for MS. I had the tests done at a different town than where my Nuerologist is. He is 1 1/2 hours away while I only had to travel 40 mins away for the tests. Anyhow, how long till I should hear something?
It depends on the facility and how soon your neuro is sent the results. I would, at the very least, wait one week. When my were done in 2002, the doctor was attached to the hospital and she had them the next day. I did not see them until the following week because that was my follow-up appointment.

Contact your neurologist's nurse and have them check the status for you. If you get the report, please do not read into it. Sit down with your neurologist to discuss the results- whatever they might be. A P2P visit is important.

When I review my MRI with my neuro she will put it up on a screen for me and then she will point out the lesions and explain their significance (or insignificance). The 1.5 hour drive will be well worth it if you can come away with definitive answers and no lingering questions. :angel:
Thank You :)
It seems like Dr's don't think I have ms, but I've had probs for so many years & want answers. So tired of Drs ignoring my probs. Other than my vision getting worst with each test, I don't have vision problems. I don't have numbness unless I'm in 1 spot for very long. My hand has went numb for hours before, not sure why. Otherwise I have the neurological symptoms & my body is always heavy, sore & tired. Anyhow I always hurt. Joint, muscles, nerves & skin burns sometimes. But I've been diagnosed with CFS & FM so...
I've had the CFS & what's called De-realization since 1999. So, I've wanted an MRI for soooo long... I'm curious to see what the Dr says...
Anyhow, Thank You as always :)
No worries. Stay strong and keep moving ahead one step at a time. CFS can disappear. My cousin put his life on hold for 10 years until it got better. I truly hope that you get the answers you need because limbo is not a fun place to be, I know. :angel:

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