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I have MS. THE PAST SEVERAL MONTHS I am experiencing constant pain in my knees and elbows. This is an intense pain like drilling into my bones. No pain medication I tried thus far helps. I live in Ukraine and am not receiving any treatment. Does anyone have a similar problem? What would you advise me to do?

Many thanks, Irina
:wave: Welcome!

I have always wanted to visit your country; I missed an opportunity several years ago.

Sorry to hear of your joint pain. Do you know that it is MS related? If it is, your body may be "off balance". That is, certain muscles are not working properly and this can cause your other muscles to overcompensate and cause stress which presents at the joints.

In my case, I get pain in my elbow or hips. My hip pain was quite intense. I had to use two forearm crutches to compensate for my weaker muscles and allow my leg and back muscles to "re-balance".

In your case, you might need to rest the arms and legs as much as possible and then begin stretching exercises. You might be overworking your body too. If you overwork or over exercise, your MS might be delaying the natural repairs and recovery your body goes through each day.

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