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[QUOTE=MSJayhawk;4816550]Sorry to hear of your pain. As for the stares while using a shopping scooter, ignore them. I would recommend a power chair over a scooter as it is more maneuverable.

As to the lumbar scan, I would suspect that it was a matter of your discs rather than MS as I do not recall lesions found that far "south". If something makes you question a procedure, always ask. I think that most doctors would appreciate the interpersonal relationship rather than a one-sided one. If you do get your back fused, please be aware that additional back surgeries will likely follow. Disc replacement is certainly getting better and I hope it works for you. Still, do what you have to do for yourself!

As most of my life has been spent with MS, it is simply part of me. While I do remember life before MS, It is difficult to know when my MS actually started, so it is simply not something I dwell upon. My life's blessings and good memories have, for the most part, been enjoyed while I have had MS. I certainly do not have any regrets. God blesses me each day and my walk, though physically difficult, spiritually it seems to get easier.

When they do your brain MRI, make sure they do with and without contrast and see if they can include your cervical spine.

You are blessed to have such a caring daughter. You are in my prayers.:angel:[/QUOTE]

Thank you for the support, its giving me something to focus on and helps with some of my questions.

I will never get a fusion on my back as it means i wont be able to have any more treatment if it doesn't work for me. It could turn out that its not that causing me this pain anyway....

I am going to try and hire an electric wheelchair but i am waiting to see what the scans show. All my symptoms could be something else but my 'sciatica' is constant, never ending and i have done nothing but rest and it is still here 6 months later. I do have sciatica but its definitely not what is causing me the problems at the moment.
It was more my daughter that was bothered about people looking. I think she is being a bit over protective but all this is still so new to her. Its the summer school holidays and i cant get out so she is very bored now, me too!

I only had 'sciatica' when i saw the specialist about my lower back but i think they will be thinking differently when i go back next week for the mri result. It will have been about 6 weeks from when i went and since then i have developed foot drop, a few neck jerks(not sure what it is called), pain has moved from back of hip and thigh to front of hip and leg and ankle. Shin numbness and foot numbness and pins and needles. I also have mild pins and needles in my fingers. Also some trouble emptying my bladder and feelings of being bitten by insects and crawling feelings on legs and right foot. I spoke to the Dr's secretary and she told me that i will have to get my own Dr to arrange a spine mri as the Dr at the London hospital does not deal with ms. I am wondering if the Dr in London was looking for another type of lesion that could be causing my pain as lesion can mean different things. Maybe he didnt know ms lesions do not appear in the lumbar region, hmmmn.

This Tuesday is the brain scan but again i don't think there was a suggestion of ms at the time,(well, not to me) just the TN, so this scan may not be any good either. I dont know if a 'normal' mri will see lesions if they are present, especially if they are not active. I was reading about progressive ms and i do fit into that category perfectly but i read that the lesions can be fewer and smaller so more difficult to diagnose?

I was diagnosed 12 years ago with RA. I had positive blood test come back as i had joint problems. Over the years i have had positive and negative tests and have now been told a few months ago that i dont have it. I always believed it wont always be positive but if it is then you do have it even when it comes back negative.

I went into my pharmacy yesterday and asked about my legs collapsing a couple of months ago, it happened 4 times. I was on Tegretol at the time for the TN, not a high dose but the dr told me to come off it slowly. The pharmist told me that it is not a side effect of the drug and i have never been able to find anything on the net, so i have to consider this is a symptom of whatever is going on. I am trying not to think of every little thing that happens to me or i will go crazy!

Anyway, the great British summer is upon us, rain, sun, rain, storms, sun and more rain so for the time being at least i am able to use my garden which is beautiful. I have toiled over the years to make it something i will relish when i get older so i am very lucky in that respect as i can make use of it now. If i lived in a flat or had no garden then my life would be very different and not for the better.

I am feeling much more positive this last week and my symptoms seem to have stayed a bit steadier. I was very scared before as things were changing literally daily.

Your right, there are many things to be happy about and pain is something that will have to fit in with me, not the other way round. A lot of people think i am mad as i do stuff in the garden and i am in so much pain but i tell them that i have pain regardless so i am happier having achieved something and be in pain or be in pain and have done nothing.

Thanks again for being a good listener. :wave:

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