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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hi. I have had m.s. for nearly 30 years. It mostly affects my right side. I had diffficulty walking, so I developed arthritis in my right knee. Ten years ago, the m.s. combined with my painful arthritic knee put me in a wheelchair. Also, I realized I was leaning to my right side. I am very weak on that side, and now I have a very painful scoliosis (s-curve). I googled m.s./scoliosis, and it led me to this website. I saw someone else suffers from the same thing. I have talked to the M.S. Foundation and noone could tell me anything about scoliosis. But it makes perfect sense. I'm weak on the side I am leaning towards. So, now, where is that fellow sufferer, and what are you doing about it. I want spine surgery, but I haven''t found any doctor willing to do it. Thanks for any useful advice, Vicki[/FONT]
Hi Vicki.
im not the person you are looking for, but I wanted to welcome you to the boards and thank you for sharing with us. Knowing what I do about scoliosis, have you considered PT ?

Scoliosis as you know is a curvature of the spine, it normally does not develope FROM MS, its usually a birth defect which is usually caught and corrected in our early years; however having developed it from extreme arthritis does make sense.

PT might teach you how to ambulate and straighten without using your stronger side as much, thus helping to correct the overture of the scoliosis. Spinal surgery is a long, painful recovery and not without its own risks, have you tried any less invasive procedures to date?

I wish you the best and hope you will come back and share with us!
[QUOTE=vickiz;4824913] I have talked to the M.S. Foundation and noone could tell me anything about scoliosis. [/QUOTE]

Hello Vickiz,

The reason no one could tell you anything is because Scoliosis is not secondary to MS nor is it related to MS. You would be dealing with 2 different diagnosis...Scoliosis and MS.

Scoliosis is curvature of the vertebrae ([B]spinal column[/B]) and MS affects the Central Nervous System which includes the brain, optic nerves and the spinal [B]cord[/B]

The spinal column protects the spinal cord.
I know what scoliosis is. But it is definitely because I have MS. My right side is weak and I have ben leaning that way for 10 years, and it keeps getting worse. My neurologist agrees that it has been caused by having MS.

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