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I am at the very beginning of this journey of being diagnosed with MS. I have lesions on my brain with a negative LP result.

Are the MS symptoms different depending where the lesions are? Brain versus Spinal cord and what would the symptoms be for the Brain lesions.
Thank you ever so much.

Like you, I only have brain lesions. I also have a negative LP. However, I have over 50 brain lesions, allot more than the average person....

My symptoms are all neuropathic in nature. I have no feeling in my hands/ fingers on my left hand (and a great big huge lesion which is specific to that area on the right side of my brain, keeping in mind that the brain is a mirror, what shows up on the right side effects the left side of the body). I have had ON, because lesions in the brain can often affect the eyes. I have NO gait problems (those are normally from spinal lesions) however I do have extreme heat sensitivity and due to that, when im overly heated, I do tend to trip and lose my balance...

As for what Jayhawk stated about 3 year cycles. No one has ever told me that and I can honestly say as Im going on my 6th year of diagnosis, that nothing has ever repeated itself in cycles, beyond that fact that I have had ON 3 times, however that was all in the first 2 years, its never come back. Also my onset symtom of the numb hands and fingers, has never gone away- so its not coming and going, its permanent nerve damage.
It may be true that things cycle, but in my case, Ive not experienced it.

I hope this helps. ..

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