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ok Im concerned that i have ms and need some input ..

I RECENTLY WOKE UP WITH A BAD NECK ACHE THAT GOT WORSE EVERY DAY INSTAED OF BETTER THEN CAME HEAT, PAIN AND NUMBNESS IN LEFT SIDE OF HEAD FACE CHEECK, SHOULDERS AND ARMS .with buring in all kinds of places. pins, needles in rms hands fingers that led to severe weakness on lft side both arm and leg. I have for three yrs now been telling my dr that i cant empty my bladder well she sent me to a gyn to be put on birth control??? i was treated like i was lying. and now I have some leaking and its numb down there at times. I CAN NOT PEE RIGHT! I cant get a stream going and am always in the bathroom.

I cant seem to be able to stand heat or cold. i either sweat like a stuffed pig or when im cold my teeth chatter i feel exuasted my folic acid level and patassium was low when i was admitted to the ER last week for the severe jerking and weakness/pain. they gave me supliments there. I was treated very poorly after brain mri was normal. they feard it was stroke or hemredge. long story short im still stuttering my parents have come down to take care of me and all symptoms are still here. i have an EMG on tues. any help would help PLEASE!!!!!!!

I wake up every morning feeling hip pelvic and leg pain,nubness, stiff and very much off ballance but Im always off balance,was told it was menieres desease and as of late, told i didnt have it. Ioften stutter and slur or cant remember what i was saying and even forgetting if i took my meds for the day.. THATS SCARY..IF I CLOSE MY EYES I SOMETIMES FEEL LIKE IM GONNA PASS OUT.

The slurring and stuttering started about a yr ago I had lft side head and face tingling, blurred vission and felt very confused in class. I had to ask for the instructions to be read three times and still didnt understand. I felt as if i wasnt there and confused. went to er he says it sounds like stroke but it wasnt so i went home and stutterd and slurred speech ever since with incresng ear ringing and ballance issues.i CANT SEEM TO REMEMBER ANYTHING AND CERTAIN WORDS.I lose my train of thought so to speak. i sweat so bad at times i was checked for menapauase and all is well there. im 38 yrs old...

its like i seem to get new symptoms each time the tingling, numbness starts in my head and not i have severe uncontrolible body jerking. its hard to rest and my back, butt neck thighs and lft leg kill. all the jerking irratated disc issues. nerve pain is extreammmm. i cant use my left hand to grip i need a pillow under my arm all the time and walk with a cane. i cant shower, cook, brush hair. i cant stand for long because of the muscle weakness.

I feel like im on a boat with severe ringing in my ears nausious, its worse with loud noises. I bump off of walls all the time. I have bruises to prove it when bouncing off corners.
Sciatic pain has been getting worse as of late and I have actually fallen because of the weakness in my left leg and foot. i SOMETIMES FEEL LIKE IM VIBRATING INSIDE.

my reflexes are very weak with a history of foot drop it feels kinda like that. my fibro dr thinks im nuts and argued with me as if he didnt believe me but yet told me i had poor reflexes in lft arm and lft leg ??? huh???
he ordered an mri of neck because this was my most complaint. the pain in arms neck, shooting pains numbness in left cheeck tingling in head. slurring. he thouth i was crazy. just like all the rest.

i have set in silence with this afraid to go to a dr in fear of being called a liar or crazy.. it hurts!!!!
i cant play with my daughter and that hurts worse than ANY OF MY SYMPTOMS.

I have heat in the bottom and sometimes on the top of my feet and toes but the are cold to the touch.I have very poor reflexes on left arm and leg. radiationg pain down arms JUST LIKE THE SIATICA!!! PINS NEEDLES HEAT, BURNING ALL OVER. TINLING IN HEAD AND Icant really give exact places, very odd.

I get this in my neck, shoulders arms and hands, buttocks, back, legs and thighs. some of this is flushing heat sensations and some are a quick burning that comes and goes As far as the flushing radiation heat thingy in my left side of head and face it seems to happen with tingling in head and left cheek and jaw, Along with this i have blerred vision and a feeling of confusion. I often cant seem to find words I should clearly know like.. LETSA SAY I WAS TRYING TO DISCRIBE A CAR.. i WOULD SAY YANO THAT THIS WITH 4 WHEELS, YOU DRIVE IT, IT HAS A STIRRING WHEEL.. OH YEAH CAR.. I do this a lot and stutter and or slur my words especially if im upset. i jerk all over and just had a bout of musles spazms in arms, legs, left face neck stomach, back. it was aweful and causeing me more pain I have sufferd from siatica do to herniated disc l4/l5 s1... i also have cervical issues going on in which i will add mri, xray, ct scan reports.. in the summer when hot my energy is completley sucked out of me. I get sick feeling in hot areas..I have facial flushing at times. My legs feel like they could buckle at times, i walk as if im drunk banging into things. There hasn't been a day that i havent felt pain or something is "asleep" i get pin pricks

There isn't a day that goes by that i am not suffering with pain, uneasiness in walking, burning in feet, now starting in hands, sciatic pain starting up . Hip bone , pelvic pain almost like the burning in feet. The weakness in arms & legs is scary ..I am 39 and have to prop my plate when eating, cant hold a hairdryer,clothes racks in stores my arms fatique severly. This is scary,. I walk like a much older person. Symptoms are crazy . Numbness,fatique,urine leakage,pins needles,creepy crawlies,burning,cramping,twitching,head aches,feels like someone has a voodoo doll on ya and really hates ya.

I was diag w/Fibro from Rheumo

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