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The way it has always been explained to me is that the attack comes first. Lesions, are scars. Scars form AFTER the attack. This is also why when contrast is used a glowing lesion (called an active lesion) signifies that something is happening NOW, as opposed to an old lesion which signifies prior damage. I know when I had my one and only bad attack, they sent me right into the MRI, and it showed exactly where the damage was being done- which coincided with where I was having symtoms.

Interestingly enough, 6 months later that same active lesion is no longer glowing but shows up as a white mark on the MRI. Even more interesting is because I had clusters of them all at once in the same area- 3 years later I have what is known as a black hole. There was no longer enough brain tissue left to support that area, and it now appears exactly as a black hole on my MRI. The good news is that the brain re-directs signals. If one part is damaged, it will take an alternate route. If no one told me I had a black hole in my brain, I certainly would never know it.

When I get forgetful, I like to tease and say it must have fallen thru the black hole in my brain.....that alone, will stop people in their tracks.


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