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Since MS is not hereditary how likely would it be for two siblings to have MS?

Doe anyone know of an illness that mimics MS that would be more likely to affect both siblings in a family besides Lyme disease? (that is on my list of suspects even though blood work denied it both sisters have a history of known tick bites) I don't want to "get stuck" on that idea due to the obvious serious consequences if it is something else. Neither one of us has ever gotten a definite diagnosis to explain all the problems in both of us.

I have had to take my sister to a neurologist this week because she is having such terrible trouble with blurring of vision even with her glasses on, memory and confusion she was afraid to try to go alone that far away.

She has been suffering from severe migraines most of her life but in the past six months they have been a much bigger problem. She has had a waxing and waning one that never completely has gone away this time.

The meds tried for it have failed so the family Dr sent her for an MRI of her brain but did not get one with contrast. (UGH) There are several white matter lesions in various areas of her brain which is what prompted the family Dr to send her to a neurologist.

This Dr. was clearly scared after viewing her MRI and looking into her eyes. He is in a big hurry for the eye Dr to rule in/out papilloedema. She denies ever having out and out double vision or nystagmus but rather says it is more like a "trailing" after moving objects. (palinopsia?)

She gets episodes of vertigo is always tired and has episodes of weakness numbness and tingling in the extremities leaks urine, has chronic cystitis, along with a host of other issues.

I know this Dr is worried about increased inter cranial pressure in her as am I and seems to be leaning towards a diagnosis of MS for her.

The "problem" with that is she also has some undiagnosed form of arthritis that is causing damage to her joints as well as her tendons and ligaments, she is diagnosed with asthma (never smoked) and slight hypothyroidism.

Since there is no definitive test for MS nor lyme disease I am particularly worried for her. Her health insurance is far from great making this an even bigger problem. The more tests the better I would think in this case.

This neurologist is one that treats MS frequently and so I have this nagging concern in the back of my head that he will naturally try to "prove" it is MS rather than "keep the options open" if that makes any sense. You know just like the "lyme disease Dr blamed everything on lyme disease even in people who really didn't have it and needed to be treated for MS instead.

My biggest fear is that she will wind up put on immune suppressing drugs for active MS and get overwhelmed by some form of bacteria or virus and have it kill her instead of help her because of how bad off she is right now.

Does anyone know how many things can tested for with a single LP? Again another issue. She had a severe phobia to needles and if I could manage to talk her into it at all I can be sure it is only going to happen one time.

Can an LP definitively rule out MS? I already know it cannot definitively rule out lyme disease so that is a problem in my mind.

This is just such a huge mess. My sister does of course want to find out exactly what it is that is the problem because she is thinking "something genetic" that will affect the kids sooner or later. I understand her concern. Our girls are beginning to have health concerns at early ages too.

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