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Thank you for being so patient with me and all my questions. It seems the more you tell me the more questions it brings to mind!

I am having a rough spell right now so you will have to forgive me. I can't for the life of me remember the name of these things but I can describe them to you. (This part of whatever is wrong with me really gets on my nerves) They have little black stone like things inside them and when you take them out of the package they heat up and stay warm for 8-12 hours. They have sticky stuff on them so you can stick them to your neck or back etc.
Do you ever use them or just the heating pad?
I have used them when I am in really bad shape and have to work the 12-14 hour shifts. They really help me so I can keep going.

It is interesting that you mentioned the fur of animals not bothering you. I have found that holding animals somehow soothes and eases the pain in my hands but I am not 100% sure why exactly that is. It isn't just because they are warm and soft.
I even did an experiment to try to "figure it out". I heated several different materials and held and "petted" them to see if the exact same thing would happen and although the warmth did help some the relief was nothing like holding and petting one of my animals.

My cats in particular seem to know when I am in the most pain and will actually come after me and seek specific painful areas. At night my little girl Aurora comes and pushes my hands up on top of her body and she turns her head so that she is "petting" the top of my hands while the palms are on her side and back then she will begin to purr and the purring helps even more!
One of the males is always after my legs and feet. He seems more interested in the pain in that area and will try to stretch his body over the most painful areas and he too will push into me and begin purring.
I have another female that focuses on my neck and back of the head. Now SHE is a character. She does not take no for an answer either and I have long given up! LOL She will get up behind me when I am in a chair and try to wrap herself around my neck and rub her face on the side of my head. She always goes to the right side at the ear which is my worse side for the pressure and pain in my ear. If I don't let her do whatever it is she is doing she gets herself very worked up.

I don't know how they know but they do. It never fails the worse I feel the more animals that will be all over me. I should set up a video camera when I am in really bad shape and video tape their antics. I bet I could win funniest home videos or something with all my little massage therapists at me at once. LOL

I have burn scars all over my arms and hands from not knowing until it was to late that something hot was against it. I used to blame carpal tunnel syndrome for it until I began getting them on my forearms too.
I didn't even realize I was having issues with my lower legs, beyond the episodes of drop foot that I had experienced. Those are hard to ignore. You tend to notice more quickly when you suddenly fall on your face tripping over your own foot because it just stopped working out of the blue. LOL (Quite embarrassing when it happens in public)

I was sent to a neurologist because of all the insane stuff on top of the constant headache at the base of my skull and neck.

He had me do all those things they always do, close your eyes touch your nose etc and then he has me close my eyes and started poking at me and running things over my skin. I was to tell him when I feel something and what it was I felt. I was waiting and waiting for him to start checking my skin sensations on my legs not realizing he already did and I didn't feel it.

My brain was "clean" when they made me get an MRI. No lesions present. The only problem I have up there is that my cerebellar tonsils are low lying and sitting right on the hole to the foramen magnum. The neurologist felt that was of no consequence and didn't bother to tell me. I found it on the report I had gotten a copy of. (does explain a lot of the "unexplainable really) Particularly when I also found in my records that I have levioscoliosis they forgot to tell me about too.

Of course I got a lot of that from a lot of Dr's over the years. I got so sick of being sent for blood work over and over and over, never being told anything. I got angry and demanded copies of ALL my medical records. Hmm they were tracking my inability to beat mono (epstein barr virus) for over two years and never once even told me there is a good reason I am so fatigued and feel so sick! No rather they tried to convince me I was bipolar and needed psych meds when I finally had enough and demanded to see why I keep getting sent for blood work.

I found quite a bit of crap they should have been telling me and weren't.

I found a urologist I actually liked and respected that told me what was what and don't you know he became a Dr without borders and left:( He was the only one I didn't have to "see for myself" to get answers out of. I don't particularly trust the Dr's around here after all I have been through with them.

Do you have any problems with your kidneys or urinary tract? I have several issues that I never believed were stand alone issues. I feel something else keep causing the problems. whatever my "biggest problem" is is causing these problems too.

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