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Ok, I am not sure how to ask this so I'll just try and explain the best I can. Last week, hubby came home from work and said he was "vibrating" all over his whole body and could also hear it in his ears. It began earlier that day while at work. At first he thought it was maybe a vibration off of the machine he was standing next to. So he took a step back to see, and the sensation remained. He described it as if you're sitting on a washing machine while in the spin cycle. Thats the best I can give you but this is obviously a new symptom. He asked me too if I could "hear it".

I did a search for "vibration symptoms in MS" and was unable to pull up anything to describe this. I did come across that barber shop syndrome but this to me does not describe what my husband had. Any thoughts... anyone else have a similair sensation or symptom? I am just wondering if there's a name for this.

BTW: Still in transit between neuro's and he still has not been able to get an appt. to start the REBIF. Doc has to go over all of his medical records first, then she'll call us (so frustrating). He continues to have more and more sypmptoms, fatigue, and pain with each passing week. We are anxious to get him started on treatment.
Keep in mind, Rebif will not be considered treatment in the sense that it wont help his existing may, or may not, prevent new symtoms from starting because it may, or may not, prevent progression (i.e. new attacks, new lesions= new symptoms). As far as the vibrating feelings, I have heard of people describing this. It has not happened to me, but its not unheard of.

There are hundreds of reasons why someone can feel that way though and MS isnt one of the first which pop into my mind. Im sure if you looked into vibrating symptoms you found quite a bit?

Muscle spasms can feel like vibrations, which is probably the closest thing that MSers can it specific to a part of his body?

I hope you get your answers quickly!

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