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Hi everyone,

I am new to this board. I have been feeling sick since Sept. 2010. This past Feburary I was diagnosed with Meniers Disease (ringing in ears, Vertigo, nausea, lose of hearing in one ear). Since Aug. I have been experiencing more symptoms. I have been having pressure (tightness) under both my armpits with tingling in both hands. Sometimes it is only on one side. I am also experiencing blurred vision in only one eye. Had two MRI's done first had 1 lesion the second had several more. My ENT and ID doctor's seem to think it was MS. I guess Meniers disease mimics MS symptoms. I have seen two neurologist and they both said that the lesions are not "typical" MS lesions. That I need to keep and eye on it. Has anyone experienced symptoms like this? I am worried that these are early signs of MS:dizzy:

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