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Getting in to see a MS Specialist can take months- up to 6 in some areas of the country. I wouldnt wait until you have an "attack" before you do so. In fact, I would make an appointment with your general physician NOW and have some prelimiary tests run immediately. There is much more of a chance you do NOT have MS, then you actually do have it.

MS mimics 400+ other diseases- things like Lyme Disease, Lupus, even certain vitamin deficiencies can present like MS does....there is no test for MS, the only way they can tell you if you have it is to go thru a battery of tests to elminate the things they can eliminate. I wouldnt jump to the conclusion you have MS......the symtoms you described could just as easily be from a pinched nerve in your neck.

A regular doctor can order an MRI- although he wont know exactly what he is looking at, hopefully the radiologist can tell if something is amiss- and then, he (your regular doctor) can send you to a Neurologist....depending on your insurance, you may need to get a referral or see a regular neuro first, before seeing a MS Neuro.

IF you want to take it upon yourself to see a MS Neuro- great idea; however be prepared for a very long history and physical asking you a ton of questions, a very thorough Neurological exam (balance tests, strength tests, reaction tests) along with some minor non-invasive tests things like MRIs, possibly EMGs and Eye exams.

Im going to honestly tell you the more common symtoms of MS, you didnt mention, and im not going to put ideas in your head by telling you what they are- but you didnt bring any of them up as symtoms....the symtoms you did bring up, really arent "standard" MS, stop jumping to conclusions...and go thank the guy who broke up with you. Imagine if you did have something chronic or worse yet disease- he wouldnt have stood by you. He was a jerk to do what he did...but thats his loss!

Seeing doctors is scary when you dont know what to expect; all we can tell you is there is no real way to prepare for anything until you know what it is you are preparing for. I will say this, if you make an appointment with a general Neurologist, its not a bad place to start; however, unless they are trained in MS, they wont know what to do for you. Most regular neuro's handle migranes, parkinsons Disease, ALS - things which are not MS. Very few regular Neuros have a large patient population of MS, choose wisely. You can call the receptionist and ask "does this doctor see MS patients?" if they say why...tell them you are trying to rule out MS. If they cant answer all your qustions on the phone, move to the next doctor on your list....but start with your general doctor. He isnt going to order any invasive (surgical) type tests- there is nothing to be afraid of. You DO need to have blood work done, to rule out alot of things...get copies of the lab results and keep them. Start a file and keep everything you can, including a journal of your symtoms, how long they last, if anything (tylenol even) helps...these are the types of questions that a Good MS doc will ask you about. Have a copy of everything! It will save time and money.

Good luck!

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