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Hello All, I'm new to this board as well as the MS world. I haven't been DX'd yet, I expect that later this afternoon at my neurologist appointment. Maybe I'm wrong, but from what I have read and been told, it's seems likely.

I am a 35 year old female with two healthy teenagers and a wonderful husband. In September I went to the GP because I had a numbness in my arm that lasted only a few minutes, maybe 5-10, which wouldn't have freaked me out except it crept up into my neck and face. They scheduled a treadmill test which produced no questionable results. At that same visit in September I told the Dr. that I wanted to see if medicine would help me not pee my pants. I was having an accident at least once, if not more, a day. I simply couldn't make it to the bathroom when I had to go. She said it was likely do to my partial hysterectomy a few years ago and gave me meds, which do seem to help. She also did a urine test and blood work and said the urine came back with blood in it indicating infection. I was given antibiotics for a bladder infection.

Fast forward to the weekend before Thanksgiving. My right leg started feeling weird. I had an odd sensation going down my leg then back up over and over and over. It was maddening. I noticed that my leg wouldn't land where I thought it should and would just drop while I was walking. I couldn't walk normal without constantly almost falling. I wouldn't drive because there were times that I had to literally lift my leg over to the brake petal it was so heavy. I was sent for an MRI and even ended up in the ER because the phone doctor thought I was having a stroke. No stroke on the CAT scan but the MRI showed a demylinating (sp?) lesion that could indicate a past stroke or MS. I went to a neurologist and he saw three lesions. One in the left top part of my brain, two smaller ones on each side near the middle. He indicated that he thought it was MS. Why didn't the MRI report find three? In the last few weeks I have had two ultrasounds, one of my neck and one on my heart, blood work that makes me wonder if I had any left, and three spine MRI's. The MRI report on the spine didn't say anything about lesions, which is what the DR was looking for but it did reference three disk that are degenerating and protruding and mild scoliosis. I had hope that all my problems were disk related but have since lost that hope. I had four consecutive days where I could walk almost normal and then it was right back to odd feelings. Now my legs either bounce when I stand up, are heavy, don't land where my brain is telling them to land, or have all of these things in combination. It's difficult to walk and when I do it's zombie like.

A week ago I noticed that when I looked at my husband while he was driving I had horrible pain behind my right eye. I figured out that it was when my right eye shifted left that I had the pain. The nurse at work said my eyes were jerky and slow to follow her finger. This last for a few days and ended up with a horrible headache that only got better with Aleve, sunglasses, and a good long nap. The eye pain continued but has since waned. I also have a spot on my right shoulder blade that goes numb and cold at increasingly long intervals.

Looking back, if I do indeed have MS, I can say that my first episode was likely when my daughter was 3 months old. I woke up one day and fell on the floor. I couldn't walk and no one could explain why. The next day I was fine. The only thing they could ever figure out was that my white blood cell count was elevated over 25K. I was fine so I didn't push it. I have also had two episodes of partial blindness over the last four years that lasted only a little while. I mentioned them to the eye doctor on my next visit but he didn't seem worried so I didn't. Maybe my eyes were tired? I am also very prone to staff infections that are painful and difficult to get rid of. Now I wish I would have pushed harder for answers. I'm learning that I know my body better than the doctors and when I feel wrong, something is wrong.

My Neurologist said that if there weren't lesions on my spine his next step would be for a spinal tap. I have been told to not let them do one but instead find a different doctor because they should have enough for a diagnosis without it. I was told this by an acquaintance with MS who had a horrible experience with his and the results were inconclusive. He went to the MS Clinic in Indy from there and was diagnosed based on his MRI and symptoms. Does anyone have any advice on this? Should I let them do it. I'm scared too at this point but I really want/need answers.

My questions: Are there medicines that will help my leg function or is this just my new life? Is there a link between infections and MS? My blood work for the first MRI indicated elevated white blood cells too. I have read some things on white blood cells and red blood cells in MS but I don't really understand what I am reading. One final question, the doc said one of my lesions is in the gray matter, which they didn't used to think was a big deal for MS, but they've since figured out that it is. What's the difference?

Thanks for reading. It's helped to read others experiences because it makes me feel less crazy with the sensations and emotions that I am going through. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude but it is very hard for me with all this uncertainty. I know you understand that feeling.

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