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Re: What now?
Jan 2, 2012
[QUOTE=79shevy;4901338]Hello All,

I'm a 32 year old female, in relatively good health. My problem started in September of this year when my left arm/hand (pinky and ring finger to my shoulder)went numb and tingly and in the following couple of days, my right hand/arm, and both legs below the knees did the same thing, a week or two after that my lips, tongue, and forehead also numb. I saw a neurologist who ordered blood work, which was negative for B12 deficiency, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and MRIs of my brain and spine, which were negative for pinched nerves, herniated discs, or brain lesions. He did an EMG, on my arms and legs which were negative for anything other than mild carpal tunnel in my left hand. The numbness lasted about 4 weeks, then went away and in it's place I have had constant muscle twitching, it worst in the places where I had the most numbness, like my right foot and leg, this has gone on for about three months. I've also gone completely night blind in one eye, and I think I have lost some peripheral vision. My neurologist gave me some tips on treating carpal tunnel, he couldn't say what was causing the numbness in my face or my legs, or explain why the fingers being effected by the numbness weren't the ones that should be effected by carpal tunnel snydrome. Basically, I don't know where to go from here, I am thankful that the numbness/tingling has subsided, but I worry that it will return. I have flashes of pain in my arms and legs that feel like a very deep ache, and I worry those will get worse. And I wonder if the muscle twitching will ever go away. The worry of not knowing what is causing my symptoms is the worst. Any advice about what to do from here would be very welcome.[/QUOTE]

I don't have a lot of advice since your emg was normal..Did you get the NCV test with it? The EMG and NCV tesy are usually done together. I first experienced a temple ache lasting about 2 weeks followed by scalp/face(lips,as well) and left arm tingling/numbness. I got a EMG/NCV test done and it came out that I have mild bilateral carpal tunnels, a neck radiculopathy and bilateral radiculopthy in my lower back. Doctor said that was not the cause of my facial numbness though so back to being worried. After the numbness went away I developed twitching as well in all the places that were numb such as a twitching lip,cheek,legs,eye lid,eye brow etc. I still have it 3 months later. All this started in Sept 2011 until now. Although it has subsided I still get feeling of numbness and twitching not as severe. I also had leg numbness and burning sensations but that is due to my pinched nerves. So make sure you also had a NCV. I got tested for all those same things which turned up normal. The only test that I am dreading and terrified about is my MRI which I have not had yet. You may not have found your answers to your problems but thank God your MRI is do not want a abnormal MRI! Just make sure that you have your MRI with contrast because it will make any problem area be seen clearer.In the night when I am sleep my pinky finger will be numb and it will wake me up or numb when I wake up and then I have to shake it out. Recently my whole hip and thigh went numb in the night when I was sleeping on my side. My twitching has definitely subsided a lot but not completely. I hope that this helps you. Keep your head up and keep shining. :angel:

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