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First a little background for people unfamiliar with me: I was diagnosed with possible MS or CIS two years ago and showed 4 lesions on my MRI. My symptoms eventually dissipated. Now, it's two years later and they've started again with tingling, numbness, buzzing in fingertips, burning sensations, etc. I went to the neuro, I had sensory changes and a positive L'hermittes sign. They ordered another brain and c-spine MRI, which I'm having in a week and a half. I'm also suffering from retrobulbar optic neuritits by a neuro-opthamologist.

Now, I've developed two other problems and I can't tell whether they're neurological in origin or a result of having severe psoriatic arthritis. I thought I'd ask the experts here to weigh in.

My first problem is I'm having light electric shock sensations and buzzing in my fingertips on my right hand whenever I bend my head to my chest. The neuro said it was L'hermitte's sign. However, now if I bend my neck backward, so I'm looking up at the ceiling, I also get the same electric shocks in my right hand. The same thing happens when I bend my neck side to side. So basically, any neck movement is causing the electric shock sensation. Is this still L'hermittes? Or is it only L'hermittes when put your head to your chest?

My second problem is I'm having many, many muscle jerks or twitches throughout the day. They're like these lightening fast jerks that are involuntary. It happens in my legs/hips and my shoulders/torso. Not at the same time though. I've had this muscle jerks in the past, but only sporadically. Now, they're happening upwards of 20 times per day and my muscles and body are starting to get sore as a result. Does this sound familiar? Am I crazy?

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