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What Jayhawk said is a very good point which I completely overlooked. Being that I am still able to be so mobile, and I run around all day long- I completely forgot about the fact that if I couldnt, my weight probably wouldnt be so stable. Good point Jayhawk!

As for the question about the MRI. ITs not your neuro who is being MRI reliant- its the criteria. Are you familiar with the revised McDonald criteria, it clearly states, in order to give a MS diagnosis, what needs to be seen by the physician. Lesions, are on the list.

Yes, usually a lesion which could be responsible for L'Hermittes will show up, but L'hermittes is not necessarily a MS thing either; yes, it happens in many MSers, but it can also happen from something like neck trauma or head, its not a valid MS symtom in the eyes of most doctors....its simply a response to a nerve which is can damage a nerve a million ways besides having MS.

I think your doctor is going to tell you its MS and not CIS because too many things are going on with you......but, I also think youll regret it. You will never be able to get certain types of insurance again (long term care) your life insurance may triple in price- you will have a problem with a pre-existing condition when others see MS on your diagnosis- hospitals will not treat you the same and instead assume everything is MS related (which they can do nothing about).

When I crashed on my Rebif I was in and out of the hopsital 7 times in ten days. I was so sick I honestly wanted to die. When they found melamona all over my back, they tried to tell me it was from the sun. I havent been in the sun in 29 years- that was a long shot. But, when they told me that my fever, chills and aches and pains were all MS induced, I knew I needed more Neuro finally ran the tests for the antibodies; it WAS the Rebif which was literally poisoning my system- I had developed so high a level of antibodies that with each shot I did, I hurt myself more and more. I started feeling better within a week of coming off Rebif....

Dont be in too much of a hurry to be labeled. Its not worth pushing your doctor into something, when you already know why you are feeling like you are. CIS is a type of MS; and it appears you are being treated well for it.

Just remember, once you get that label, its on you forever.

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