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Were your Scans done specifically for MS? If so, the only reason they would mention different areas of your spine, is if you have any degeneration, disc issues or stenosis. (narrowing of the spine). If nothing is on there, congratulations! Your in good shape.

As far as what it all means, if you can tell us what the impression says, we can probably tell you if there is anything of concern on it. Not knowing how old you are, or how long you have had MS, or if you even have MS- we dont know enough to tell you if 'not" showing anything different from your spine to your brain means everything is normal.

I have 60 lesions on my brain. None on my spine. But, I have alot of spinal compression from a car accident, some disc issues and some stenosis, that always comes up on my report, however my impression always says "no changes from the last MRI" when it comes to lesions or contrasting issues. Mine are not the same from my brain to my spine; but usually the same from year to year.

I dont know if that helps, but your expectations arent unreasonable, unless you know that you have had previous issues with your CSpine and none of them are being acknowledged this time around. Id call your doctor if thats the case, and demand an explanation for why nothing was noted!

Be well.
Black holes can cause interruptions if the messages do not "re-wire". My MS MRI's are from my head through my thoracic spine because lesions were discovered on my thoracic spine in 2002 and it is now my "standard" MRI when one is ordered. It would be interesting to know what the order for your case. :angel:
Hi again, If what you read me is right- you didnt have a Cspine scan. You had a brain scan AND possibly a brain stem scan.....even what you wrote: about your Cspine impression- says BRAIN, not cervical spine

Either someone screwd up, or they didnt put the correct impression on your Cspine report, but nothing in the report is about your spine, it is ALL about your brain stem.

I have black holes on my brain....Im told its from lesions which are so clustered together that the brain tissue can no longer support the lesions and they literally disintegrate the tissue ; thus a black hole IS a loss of brain matter, and fortunately, the brain finds other ways to send the signals....

Please DO check with your doctor. If what you wrote is exactly what the impression says, this is WRONG. Someone either did replicate the scan or report twice, or you were given the wrong report..OR you never had your Cspine scanned, but there is NOTHING here about your Cspine.


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