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Re: MRI Questions
Feb 3, 2012
Thanks for your thoughtful response, MSNik. Your responses always make me feel calmer. :)

I had my MRI today. The techs actually let me see two pictures. I saw the axial view of my brain with contrast and my cervical spinal cord. I looked at some MRI pics online of lesions and I didn't notice anything remarkable in my brain. There was no big clearly defined ovals. The immediate rear of my brain (sorry I don't know my anatomy) was pretty solidly white. That might have been the contrast entering the veins. There were other areas that were bright, but that might also be the contrast entering my brain. I didn't see any clearly defined lesions. The optic nerves were also visualized, but I didn't notice anything remarkable. Of course, I'm not a neurologist or radiologist, so who the heck knows. My c-spine MRI was more interesting. The spinal cord looked solidly black other than one small area around C2-C4. It wasn't a clearly defined oval, but there was a small area that was definitely lighter and fuzzy. It looked like someone took a pencil eraser and lightly erased a small section. It was pretty small though.

I'll clearly get better answers on Wednesday when I see the neuro and I'll be sure to get a copy of the radiologist's report.

I'm definitely going to research LDN this weekend and bring the information with me to my visit on Wednesday.

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