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Pardon the long story. This is my first post, and I figured I'd post it in here since I"m having a MRI done Wednesday to "rule out" MS. I'm a 25 year old female. Here is my back story;

About a month and a half ago, I stood up out of my car and experienced an intense upper right back pain and pressure on my right chest.. The pain lasted a few days and then the pain shifted until just my right upper back/shoulder/neck/in between my shoulder blades. I was having major spasms in my back that never seemed to stop. Primary treated me for muscle spasms, gave me Flexeril & Tramadol and prescribed PT. Symptoms continue to worsen & new symptoms arrived. Numbness/tingling/burning in my right arm/hand; Major pressure at the back of my head; neck pain; extreme nausea; dizziness; lightheaded; fogginess; some "buzzing" in my ears/head. As of the past few weeks, my legs feel like they're going ot give out all the time. The numbness/pain/tingling is also in my right leg. Balance has always been an issue for me as well as general clumsiness/ ie/ falling up stairs, tripping over my own feet..etc. I've also noticed a stuttering issue that started in my teens and seems to gradual get worse over time. I seem to .. not be able to get the words out even though they're in my head.

I got an Ortho to order the MRI as requested by PT. MRI report started 8 broad-based disc bulges in lower back and cervical, 1 protrusion at c2-c3. degenerative discs as well. So I was referred to the "best" pain management / spine specialist in town. Saw him today. He told me the MRI didn't show any issues.. He brought it up in front of me. He said they usually "overwrite" the MRI reports. He says he wants to do a brain MRI to test for MS and also a MRI on the braciular artery.

Obviously, when someone mentions a brain MRI, panic sets in. I thought I finally had an answer for my issues with the first MRI.. and he's saying otherwise. I have to trust his word, as he's the "best in town." The MRI was ordered without contrast. I guess now I'm worried about whether I should prepare mysel ffor the possiblity of MS or not. No one in my family has ever had MS that I know of. If it's not MS, what else could be going on since he's claiming the MRI report isn't true?

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