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I'm not trying to self-diagnose, but I've been seeing different doctors, and so far no one has found an explanation for my problems other than stress or possibly depression. I googled my symptoms and found that some of them matched up to MS. I figured talking to someone who knows about MS might help me figure this out, tell me if I need to get tested, etc.

Here are my symptoms and basic info. They've been happening for several years, and they seem to follow a pattern of gradually getting worse for a little while and then calming down for short periods.

- Fatigue: bad enough that I need 3+ hour naps even when I haven't done anything that requires energy, falling asleep almost involuntarily, sleeping in for up to 14 hours, waking up feeling unrefreshed,

- Headaches: Usually tension headaches, sometimes triggered or made worse by movement, often occur when I'm very tired, don't always respond to pain-killers, sometimes occur when I'm first waking up but get better later on or vice versa

- Visual Problems: Distorted colors and dark areas in both eyes, lasts for several hours then goes away, seeing "bursts" of sparkles with movement or upon awakening, seeing random sparks; do not follow the typical pattern of a migraine aura

- Mental Problems: Trouble focusing, trouble retaining memory over long periods, repeating past conversations (because they've been forgotten), trouble with memorizing, struggling with simple tasks like writing sentences

- Other Problems: Tingling in my scalp and occasionally my fingertips, random dizziness, losing my balance for no reason, frequent "chills" and neck spasms, hands will randomly start shaking

- Testing: Already had several blood tests, all levels came back normal; not anemic, no signs of thyroid problems, hormonal imbalance, or iron deficiency; optometrist says the inside of both eyes appears to be normal

So do these things sound like they could be caused by MS? And if not, what should I do about this? I'm working on taking small steps to improve my health like exercising, eating healthier, and getting back to a healthy weight, but some of these symptoms just don't seem to be changing. I just want to find out what's wrong already so I can take care of it. It's getting to be too much of a distraction.

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