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Honestly, please relax. The chances of this being MS are one in 400.

MS mimics over 400 other diseases, and no, your symtoms do not sound like MS. Of course MS is a very selective disease and no two cases are exactly alike, but the most common symptoms, the ones almost all of us experience - you havent mentioned any of them. I woud offer you this advice, please DO NOT LOOK UP YOUR SYMPTOMS. Its a waste of time, and 99% of the time its wrong. There is a reason why there are so many doctors fighting this - they go to school to the tune of 200,000$ and 9+ years, only to have patients looking up symptoms and telling them what they think is wrong with them?

Chances are you are really stressed out, experiencing some 40+ selective memory issues along with the eye issues- and you are so anxiety ridden about this that you are making yourself sick with worry. Try to relax, go see the doctor and let us know what he says..ok?

Hang in there..

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